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Tough Talk: Time to touch.

Toughbooks are built to take advantage of consumer trends

Take a good look at today’s smartphones or at the new breed of consumer tablet devices and it’s clear that touchscreen controls have finally hit the mainstream. Look around you in the street, on the train, in the bar, around the airport, and you’ll see that we’ve reached a point where interacting with devices by tapping, dragging and making pinching gestures on the screen not only works, but feels natural. What’s more, everyday users are getting used to the idea of a constant Internet connection, and to GPS-enabled applications that know where are and can grab the most relevant information from the Web. In fact, consumers are beginning to demand this sort of functionality.

This comes as no surprise to us here at Toughbook. After all, we’ve built a successful brand by anticipating the needs of mobile workers. We’ve had touchscreen controls in our tablet PCs and CF-19 and CF-30 Toughbooks for years. We embraced 3G connectivity early on, and now offer it and GPS satellite tracking via Qualcomm’s Gobi 2000 chipset across the Toughbook range. The upcoming Toughbook CF-C1 rugged ultra-portable will feature multi-touch and the more touch-friendly Windows 7, making it a very easy computer to control through touch alone.

What excites us is seeing how our customers and software partners will make use of this technology, and take the revolution that has hit the consumer market into the professional sphere. Will the same pinch-to-zoom and flick gestures that end-users are used to trying with Google Maps make their way into geographical information software or bespoke engineering apps? Will technicians find themselves flicking and dragging their way through plans and schematics instead of scrolling their way through? Combine always-connected, GPS-enabled Toughbooks with the enhanced performance that we’re building into new models like the CF-31 or CF-C1, and it’s not hard to imagine apps that don’t just store and capture data, but are better equipped to actively push the right data at their users.

Innovations in consumer technology inevitably spread into professional IT, and here Panasonic has a clear advantage. As one of the biggest manufacturers of consumer electronics in the world, it’s our job to keep one eye on the cutting-edge. While industry-leading ruggedization and reliability remain at the core of the Toughbook line, you can be sure that we won’t be afraid to innovate in the future. If it helps you and your business, we’ll give you the technology you need.