ToughTalk April 2017

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This edition of ToughTalk sees us exploring the hidden costs of ‘cheaper’ IT, and the true value of rugged devices. But we don’t just want readers to take our word for it, so we’ve created a total cost of ownership (TCO) calculator for you to determine the savings to be made for yourself.

And that’s not all. Here’s everything else we’re covering: 


Why ‘cheaper’ devices could be costing you

Mobile devices have ushered in a whole new era of productivity for mobile working. But not all devices are created equal. 

The initial price tag of traditional commercial devices may be smaller, but they aren’t built to withstand the challenging conditions often faced by workers out in the field. 

Superior design, guaranteed protection and uncompromising durability mean that rugged devices may have an initial higher price tag. 

However, minimised failure rates and built-for-purpose productivity features mean the investment very quickly pays off, providing an altogether lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and return on investment (ROI). 


As Jon Tucker, Senior Manager Product Marketing explains, 


Many businesses assume that rugged devices cost more than their traditional counterparts. But this isn’t necessarily true. The initial payment for a rugged device is soon recouped in saved time, reduced employee downtime, diminished IT support needs, improved service and enhanced productivity.                                                                                            


Our online TCO Calculator – coming soon – will allow businesses to determine for themselves how much they could save long-term by investing in rugged devices. 


In the meantime, our Panasonic Team will happily provide a detailed TCO calculation that incorporates the difference in TCO and ROI between your current devices and buying Panasonic – including specific financial costs and savings. 




The new Toughbook CF-33 improves on the legends of the past

The past can teach us a lot. Especially in terms of technology. And the lessons we learn can shape the technology leaders of tomorrow.


Take our new CF-33 for example. 

It’s the seventh generation in a line of groundbreaking rugged models that stretches all the way back to 1996. And it’s one of the world’s first 12” fully rugged 2-in-1 detachable PC. 

Its unique form factor makes it perfect for anyone who wants the full capabilities of a notebook PC, as well as the mobility of a tablet. In fact, it can work in an incredible six distinct modes: Laptop. Presentation. Convertible. Tablet. Handle. And Vehicle.


Equipped with the latest Windows 10 Pro operating system and Intel’s latest-generation processing technology, it’s more powerful and capable than anything that has gone before. And, as you’d expect from the rugged world leader, none of this comes at the expense of toughness. 

It builds on the achievements of the rugged leaders of yesterday, and is set to become the unquestioned rugged leader of today.



Toughpad FZ-Q2 provides a rugged entry point

The benefits of rugged laptops and tablets are numerous and well known. So we won’t waste your precious time extolling their virtues.

However, for many, these benefits have been out of reach due to budgetary concerns.

Well, things are about to change. 


Because, with the arrival of the Toughpad FZ-Q2, businesses now have the perfect entry point to the world of rugged.

As a 2-in-1 detachable device, the FZ-Q2 offers the best of both worlds, being both a 12.5” notebook and tablet. And, because it’s semi-rugged it’s more than capable of standing up to the bumps and bruises of field work.


None of this durability comes at the expense of mobility or performance though. The FZ-Q2 is slim and lightweight, and comes equipped with Intel’s sixth-generation processor and Windows 10 Pro (with Windows 7 support).

And, for that all-important mobile working capability, it has multiple wireless connectivity options and a battery life of up to 7 hours.



Protect your technology budget. And the planet.

Every business has a responsibility to safeguard the environment. But what can we do to play our part? And how can we make it work for our bottom line too?



A great place to start is your mobile device strategy. 

Recent research has revealed that making sustainability a component of your IT strategy is a smart way to protect not only the planet, but your technology budget too. 

In fact, a sustainable strategy could save businesses, on average, 30% of their annual spend on mobile devices. What’s more, it can also improve the performance of your technology and workforce productivity. 



Toughpad…we have lift-off

Some rugged tablets aim for durability, good connectivity and useful mobility. 

But Panasonic Toughpad already offers way more than all of this. 

So we set our sights even higher, pushing the boundaries of rugged exploration further than ever before. We embarked on an out-of-this-world challenge, sending two Toughpad tablets across the final frontier. Into space. 


The stars of the show? Our FZ-N1 and FZ-G1 models. 

It was a giant leap for tablet-kind, and we’re
giving you access to the full adventure. 




Getting law enforcement back out on the streets 


Panasonic’s Toughpad FZ-M1 tablet is helping the City of London Police force to reduce costs and time-consuming administration so that officers can spend more quality time out in their communities.

The 300 devices now in use mean that officers can electronically capture, submit and access information out in the field, saving time previously spent on paper forms to provide a better service to the public. 




Alongside the police radio, our Toughpad FZ-M1 has become the primary tool for London officers when carrying out their duties.

Why? It’s all thanks to unrivalled connectivity, touchscreen and stylus capabilities, USB keyboards, docking cradles…and more. 




Future-proofed technology for water management company  


A rugged device that will help to improve both operational efficiency and customer service was the order of the day for leading water authority Severn Trent. 

But traditional tablets weren’t powerful enough to effectively accommodate the needs of field workers to review infrastructure maps and input vast amounts of information while on the move. 

Step up the Panasonic Toughbook CF-20 – a hybrid model that offers the flexibility of a tablet and a notebook in a single device. Light and easy to use in tablet form but with the availability of a keyboard when lots of data input is required, it was the perfect match. 




Add to that the implementation of cutting-edge NetMotion Wireless software, and Severn Trent has seen connectivity rise by upwards of 80% in some regions. 

In fact, according to John Vaughan, Technical Services Manager for Severn Trent, "As soon as we saw the new Panasonic detachable notebook, we knew that it was the future." 



A technology driving force for the AA


For swift and successful operations, rugged, reliable and innovative technology is important. But when you’re the largest UK’s recovery breakdown service, it’s a must.

That’s why for years, the AA has chosen Panasonic devices to help its patrols respond effectively to its 10,000 daily breakdown calls. 

Keen to refresh its mobile technology and improve connectivity and communication capabilities, the organisation called on us once again.




We’ve replaced the Toughbook CF-19 notebooks already in use with 3,000 new Toughpad FZ-G1 tablets.

And that’s not all. Panasonic’s specially-designed docking stations have also been rolled out to enable hands-free job dispatch and route guidance to AA workers on the move.

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