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Join us at the Retail Business Technology Expo 2018




Join us at RBTE 2018 in London and gain first-hand insight into how our specialist technology is helping to transform customer experience throughout the retail sector and beyond.

Panasonic’s rugged tablets and handheld devices, interactive KIOSK solutions and point-of-sale (POS) workstations take multifunctional performance way beyond what you’d expect from standard consumer devices. Their ability to perform in every environment – in store or dining areas, outdoors and in warehouses – makes them the perfect tool for work in all retail applications.

Our range of tablet and handheld devices enable retail staff access to real-time information, allowing them to provide customers with in-depth product detail and maximising upsell opportunities at the point of service. The rugged form factors mean the devices are sturdy but lightweight and mobile enough for store operations and warehouse usage. The long battery life,integrated barcode readers and payment systems, along with full Windows OS, mean retailers can manage multiple applications and transactions from a single device.

With customers rapidly changing their buyer behavior to use multiple shopping channels during purchases, including traditional stores, mobile devices, online and the growing trend in self-service, new technology solutions are required to facilitate this omni-channel retail era.

The combination of Toughbook mobile devices and POS solutions, along with the new interactive KIOSK [RP2] enables retailers to deliver customers and staff an effective, easy-to-use and consistent technology experience whether it’s taking orders on the move, serving at a till or self-serving at a kiosk in store.

We will also use RBTE 2018 to launch a new solution! Don’t miss the chance to touch and try a new mPOS solution for the Hospitality and Retail sector.

Meet the Innovators. Meet us.

Visit Panasonic at the booth F191, RBTE 2018, OLYMPIA, LONDON, UK