Try & Buy Promotion


No matter how large your organisation. And no matter what your sector. When it comes to long-term, large-scale, fast-paced scanning output, Panasonic’s new KV-S50 Series is smoothing the way.

Exceptional scan speeds of up to 120 pages per minute and a 330-sheet high-volume ADF capacity. Multi-size, multi-material handling capabilities and intelligent paper-feed features. Remote central management software and built-in image processing. These are just some of the unique and cutting-edge functions that have been designed specifically to work hard for big business. So your employees have the freedom to work hard on something else.

And now, thanks to an exclusive, limited offer from Panasonic, you can try the KV-S50 Series in your business, free of charge, for 15 days AND when you decide to purchase the unit after this trial period (within 14 days of ending the trial period) we will give you an additional discount.


How to claim your FREE try-and-buy KV-S50 Series scanner

Taking advantage of this exclusive offer couldn’t be easier.

You simply request your try-and-buy KV-S50 unit from your usual Panasonic scanner supplier. We’ll then send a scanner to you, for a trial period of 15 days.

At the end of the trial period, should you wish to purchase the unit of the KV-S50 Series, you can buy it from your usual Panasonic scanner supplier and you will receive an additional discount.

There are no obligations, of course. So you can also return the scanner at any time without incurring any additional cost.


Claim your FREE try-and-buy unit today


Why choose the KV-S50 Series?

  • Exceptional scan speeds of up to 120 pages per minute  (120 ppm/240 ipm KV-S5078Y, 90 ppm/180 ipm KV-S5058) 
  • 330-sheet high-volume ADF capacity 
  • Multi-size, multi-material handling capabilities
  • Full-colour LCD (KV-S5078Y only)
  • Site Central Manager Suite for network management of multiple scanners 
  • Intelligent paper-feed features 
  • Remote central management software and built-in image processing
  • Gigabit Network Connection (KV-S5078Y only)


Terms and conditions
  • The try-and-buy unit is owned by Panasonic, and needs to be returned to Panasonic during the try-and-buy period (maximum 15 working days in total from when the unit is delivered and received).
  • If the unit is not returned in this period, Panasonic is free to invoice the full price of the unit to the end user through the Panasonic scanner partner.
  • Maximum number of scanned pages allowed during the try-and-buy period is 100,000 pages. If more pages are required the end user needs to contact the Partner and Panasonic.
  • If the maximum number of scanned pages is exceeded, Panasonic and the partner can ask for compensation from the end user for the refurbishment of the scanner and also for the consumables required.
  • The scanner needs to returned in perfect condition with all material / consumables / accessories as originally supplied.
  • If the scanner is returned damaged through inappropriate use/malfunctioning Panasonic or its / partner will ask for compensation from the end user.
  • If all material/consumables/accessories are not returned, Panasonic or its / partner will ask for compensation for the missing materials.