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TANGRAM Residential Home and other associated sites are reliably connected thanks to Panasonic

TANGRAM Residential Home, which opened in 2007, is situated in a discrete building complex set among idyllic surroundings. It provides housing and employment opportunities for people with severe disabilities. This service includes unlimited support in the area of housing and employment, providing places for 24 people with serious disabilities. The WKB association — the regional center of excellence for people with a physical disability or severe multiple disabilities — includes other facilities such as Niederholzboden Residential Home in Riehen, the KRONENMATTEN Day Center in Binningen, as well as the head office in Basel. These sites were added later, however, and/or were connected to TANGRAM Residential Home's technical infrastructure.

To start with, in order to meet TANGRAM's technical requirements, an IP telecommunications platform (TDE200 model) was installed. The advantage of this IP platform is that Panasonic was able to develop a migration concept, which could be flexibly upgraded for future possibilities and requirements without replacing the entire system. TANGRAM was soon followed by other locations that needed to be connected to the technical infrastructure.

Possibilities of a future-oriented technology

The other sites were added between 2013 and 2015. Thanks to the new TDE gateway developed for the KX-NS1000, the TDE system at the Bubendorf site was upgraded to said model, meaning that the existing Panasonic system from 2007 could be fully integrated into a powerful Unified Messaging environment. This gentle migration is a cost-effective upgrade option. The KX-NS1000 is a reliable and flexible business communication server that meets a variety of needs: simplification and optimization of communication, reduction of costs, increase in productivity, support of home offices and constantly changing workplaces, as well as the flexible adaptation to the company's mode of operation. The KX-NS1000 from Panasonic makes the seamless integration of hardware and software components a breeze. The scalable architecture enables a communications system that can be individually arranged and expanded, meaning that any company can easily benefit from a "soft migration". As the heart of a powerful VoIP solution, the KX-NS1000 guarantees you investment security with maximum reliability and flexibility, and can therefore be used industry-wide.

The KRONENMATTEN Day Center was equipped with a few analog terminal devices, which meant that it was not possible to establish a direct IP connection to the main site at Bubendorf. An additional NS1000 was installed with a legacy gateway, meaning that the terminal devices could also be connected to the system. Thanks to the Panasonic One-look Networking solution, the systems can be controlled at multiple sites as a single system. One-look Networking accommodates up to 16 locations, with Bubendorf serving as the master unit and KRONENMATTEN as the slave unit. Through the use of One-look Networking, the system can continue to operate with the KX-NS1000 even in the event of a failover due to system trouble. 

IP DECT handsets or IP desk phones were installed at the other sites for a simple connection to the NS1000 master unit. 

Various interfaces

Other interfaces are essential in nursing homes, hospitals, or clinics. Christoph Bonsack, responsible for the infrastructure of the facilities, explains: "Together with Daniel Kunz, project manager at Elektrizitäts AG, we looked for solutions that would allow us to apply the interface requirements to other products. NewPhone was already far ahead with the development of its Sirio alarm server, which presented an opportunity for us. The willingness of NewPhone to develop the server so that it would fit with the TANGRAM solution contributed significantly to selecting them. We are now able to run more products through Sirio and can therefore flexibly adapt the system to our needs". The Sirio alarm server and other third-party products run via the NS1000. If residents press the alarm button when they are in their rooms, the toilets, or communal areas, the nursing staff receive a notification on their DECT device and can therefore help the residents immediately. Christoph Bonsack has also found a solution for tracking people who are at risk of wandering off whereby they can be located via a phone signal.

Christian Schneider, a technical consultant at the installation company Elektrizitäts AG in Basel, made the following comments: "The future-oriented technology from Panasonic has made it possible to integrate a complete system that is easy to maintain across different locations and runs as a complete system thanks to One-look. The migration from TDE200 to NS1000 is a major advantage for the customer as there is no need to replace all existing devices and it is finally at the cutting edge of technology. The interfaces offered by Panasonic also have major benefits, particularly the simple integration of Sirio at TANGRAM Residential Home and the other locations".

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