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Inter Chalet has implemented a new communication solution with a combined fixed and cordless connectivity, following a successful Security Camera installation

We’ve spent many years working with Panasonic and after a visit from Panasonic discussing also our challenges in communication equipment we decided to implement this solution

Hans Janssen, Financial Manager at Inter Chalet

Client – Inter Chalet
Location – Netherlands

Having a large 'open' retail store and a large metal framework, how to enhance reach ability with cordless communication equipment


The installation of Panasonic DECT cordless communication system and corded IP Phones enhanced the internal reach ability, so supporting an increasing customer experience

For over 40 years, Inter Chalet has successfully expanded its customer offering from a traditional builders merchant, selling timber, plate material, scrap metal and building materials to become Home Park Inter Chalet, a Do It Yourself supermarket for the home and garden.

Now eight stores, including seven partner stores, are combined in to one, offering everything from complete kitchens to plants and pottery. No boring shelves full of products, but playful presentations to inspire home improvers.

The 30,000m2 retailer, faced a challenge in protecting against theft in store. For this Inter Chalet have invested in 2018 in a complete security solution from Panasonic, this now being part of a 'rental' solution, so all updates & technology improvements are always guaranteed. This being serviced by HTC International, gave some insights and opportunities to visit the retail store for photograph opportunities. 

“We’ve spent many years working with Panasonic, and we’re happy about the quality and performance of its products,” says Hans Janssen, Financial Manager at Inter Chalet. "We are also very happy about the service from both Panasonic and its partners in Holland.", continuous Hans with his story

When discussing what Panasonic could potentially deliver to enhance a better working and customer experience, also the installed communciation equipment was discussed. There were call drops, no handover of calls and customers could not be supported instantly, so . . . a new communication system was proposed

One major hurdle was the complete open structure with many metal frames, which would potentially mean a reflection of the communication channels. Having performed a site survey, all 'difficult' spots were identified and could be solved with installing the right DECT base stations and repeaters.

"The real benefit is not only for our employees, being able to reach anybody anytime, regardless where they are", "but also supporting customers asking if something is in stock before they come to our showroom", mentiones Hans to emphasize the improvements.