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Brno Municipal Police Department increases safety by improving communication 

The BMPD oversees compliance with the rules of civil coexistence, road traffic safety and the upkeep of cleanliness in public places. It also takes part in crime prevention, uncovers violations and provides the Ministry of the Interior with data on the municipal police for statistical processing.

Individual officers and police management strive to ensure the people and visitors of Brno feel safe in the city, and to make sure this feeling corresponds as much as possible to reality.

Organisation of policing 

BMPD has divided Brno into eight districts, with BMPD stations also located outside the city in Vranov and Lelekovice, some of which operate on a 24-hour basis.

The BMPD operates out of two main police stations and around 15 local stations. The organisation’s headquarters and an operations centre is located on Křenová and Štefánikova Street where dispatchers provide nonstop operation of the emergency line 156.

The emergency line handles public complaints and transfers important calls to local police stations. The officers themselves work out of stations across the city, from which they conduct patrols, policing the surrounding area.

Combining remote police stations into one communication unit means that BMPD has around 500 officers stationed at 15 police stations, spread out across the individual districts of Brno, all under one communication unit.

In the past, individual stations had separate telephone exchanges from various manufacturers, without any chance for interconnection and mutual cooperation. This system did not enable sufficient flexibility for communicating with the public or between officers. Moreover, calls between police stations were subject to charges. BMPD got in touch with STAND, an authorised dealer of Panasonic office and telecommunications equipment based in Brno. The STAND communications solution via an IP system of branch telephone exchanges and Panasonic SIP telephones, distributed around individual police stations, made it possible to link remote stations to headquarters.

The entire system, made up of six Panasonic KX-NS1000 and eight KX-TDE620, acts as a single telephone exchange. Incoming calls can be easily transferred and routed. For example, if officers are not in the stations but are out patrolling, calls from any location may be handled by headquarters at Štefánikova. Therefore, all incoming calls from both the public and from partners can be properly resolved. All calls and transfers of calls between individual localities are free of charge.

Automatic display

The INFO 35 service is integrated into BMPD’s communication system. A communications operator provides these services and, thanks to the STAND custom modification, now police officers at dispatch have data available about the caller instantly, through an automatically opening information window on their PC monitors. 

Officers can immediately see the telephone number, name and address of the caller. Therefore calls can be quickly and efficiently handled or transferred to local police stations or to a specific officer currently on duty in the given location.

Integration and efficiency

Police officers assigned to local police stations are often out on patrol. Each patrolling officer is equipped with a short-wave radio transmitter and a mobile phone; both devices are integrated into the communication system.

BMPD introduced a 'know your officer' service, offering the public the chance to contact 'their own' police officer based within the district. It's important that no call goes unanswered, even if the officer happens to be out on patrol. Each officer has a personally assigned phone number on which he or she can be reached. The officer leaving the station has the option of easily rerouting incoming calls from the desk phone to his or her mobile phone.

The communications system can also be set up flexibly so that calls directed towards patrolling police officers would be routed to their colleagues or directly to the Štefánikova headquarters. The patrolling officer can also dial outside telephone numbers from the radio transmitter or telephone, or transfer incoming calls to one of his or her colleagues, all within the IP communication system. Officers may also communicate with their colleagues free of charge from their mobile phones.

"The new communications system has significantly improved how we are able to communicate not only with each other, but with the public too," said Mr. Jakub Ghanem, a spokesperson for BMPD. "It has integrated all of our remote police stations into one unit, allowing us to deal more efficiently with emergency and none-emergency calls."

Non-stop point of contact

The BMPD operates a contact point at Vyškovská Street in Slatina featuring non-stop operation, which can serve as a safe haven for people in need.

Thanks to integration of an IP sound unit into the telephone exchange system, a threatened person may press the bell at any moment at the entrance, which triggers an alarm signal at the Štefánikova operations center, and officers can remotely open the door immediately. The threatened person can take sanctuary inside the secure area behind tempered glass windows. The closest police patrol will then head to the location immediately.