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The Panasonic KX-NSV300 software business communication system now has a variety of flexible installation and cost effective options for business plus supports use with Amazon Web Services

Bracknell, UK. 1st September 2020 – Panasonic has enhanced its software business communication system, the KX-NSV300, by offering a variety of easy installation and cost effective options for organisations and adding support for Amazon Web Services (AWS), as its first public cloud integration.

The KX-NSV300 provides businesses with next generation telephony functionality and flexibility in a software communication system that removes the need for up-front hardware investment. The latest enhancements allow companies to choose and migrate between three versions of the system depending on their user requirements. Panasonic KX-NSV300 Small is ideal for organisations with up to 60 users and allows 32 simultaneous calls. Medium is for organisations with up to 120 users and allows 64 simultaneous calls. Large provides services for up to 300 users and 126 simultaneous calls. The latest versions of the KX-NSV300 system can also be installed on a single virtual machine with a smaller memory footprint – shrinking capacity requirements and rental charges.

In addition to on-premise and private cloud installations, such as data centres, the solution can now also be hosted on the largest public cloud provider, Amazon Web Services.[1]

“These enhancements to the KX-NSV300 solution offer small and mid-market organisations increased levels of flexibility along with simpler and more cost effective installation options,” said Carlos Osuna, Head of Business Unit at Panasonic Communication Solutions. “In addition, there is now even greater choice in the cloud models that customers can use to deploy the solution with our first public cloud integration on AWS, the largest public cloud provider. This will be the first of many public cloud integrations, as we continue to offer customers a transition from business communication server hardware to a software communication system backed by the reliability and performance Panasonic is renowned for as a 30-year leader in telecommunication systems.”

The KX-NSV300 delivers the best of virtual business communications quickly, easily and cost-effectively. It is compatible with the complete range of Panasonic telephony, including wired IP phones and wireless terminals. Implementing the KX-NSV300 couldn’t be easier with a product activation key, annual licenses for users and remote maintenance. The service can be paid for on a per-user, per-year basis for easy budgeting or as a one-off payment.

KX-NSV300 can be managed remotely, enabling the engineer to access the system securely, from anywhere, anytime, for changes and updates.

Ultimate flexibility

With a multi-zone wireless system, staff can receive calls wherever they are on the premises – cutting customer waiting time. Calls can also easily be switched between desk phones and portable devices during conversations. Finally, DECT paging allows conversations to be shared among multiple participants.

Other benefits in the feature-packed system include:

Multi devices: Users want to be reachable from a single number, no matter where or how they’re communicating. With the KX-NSV300 software communication system, a single number can be assigned to any device, whether it’s a deskphone (SIP or proprietary), wireless or softphone (PC-based or mobile-based).

My Portal: By using the ‘My Portal’ web-based user interface, every user can operate their features and customise the unified messaging settings without having to know specific programming or feature codes.

Smart Desk: Mobile and remote workers have one number to reach them regardless of where they are working.

Integrated Unified Communications: The system also integrates with the Panasonic UC Pro unified communications solution for video communication, optional built-in call centre functionality and call monitoring. In addition, mobile softphone technology can combine audio and visual communications in a user’s mobile device via an app, allowing employees’ smartphones to be registered as company extensions.

Accredited partners are available across Europe to install and support the KX-NSV300 software communication system. For further information visit: https://business.panasonic.co.uk/communication-solutions/kx-nsv300

[1] AWS has leading 33% global market share of cloud infrastructure service providers as quoted by Statista for Q4 2019