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The communication challenge 

It’s a big wide world out there. And there’s a lot of distance to cover.

So when organisations are large and spread far and wide, company communications and unity can suffer.

You need technology that closes the gap. That allows you to collaborate across multiple sites as a unified team, wherever you are, and whenever it’s needed.

You need communication software and technology that helps you to move beyond boundaries.

Our solution

Our communications technologies combine the best that LAN, PBX and IP networking have to offer to
create unified world-leading systems, tailored to meet the specific needs of multi-site organisations. 

Unified communication 

Our IP cell stations allow you to connect your Private Branch Exchange (PBX) via your LAN. There’s no need to install a further PBX at your branch office or buildings, just a simple and cost-effective IP cell station.

PBX network

From office to home, and back again 

Flexible and remote working is becoming, and will continue to become, increasingly vital for business success and talent retention. That’s why Panasonic’s Media Relay Gateway (MRG) function enables the simple installation of IP phones in locations distant from your main office, by connecting via a unified IP network.

What’s more, thanks to Panasonic’s Wireless XDP Parallel function, workers can use the same extension number whether they’re at home or in the office, so important calls are never missed.

Our Smart Desk function also allows multiple users to share the same extension. Users simply apply their own profile with a service-in operation to receive personal calls and voicemail. Once they have serviced-out, the extension becomes available for another employee.

Multiple devices, many locations 

Using Panasonic’s NSX series of unified communication platforms (and depending on their licence), each user can assign a single phone number to a number of devices such as their office and mobile phones, meaning they can easily be used as an office extension. In other words, employees can manage multiple devices spread over various locations using a single number.

Multi-site reliability 

Thanks to 1+1 Redundancy, should there be a failure in the master or ‘working’ unit, a backup unit will temporarily continue communication services without a hitch. For up to 30 days in fact.

Equally, should network trouble occur across a multi-site connection, a Survival Gateway feature will automatically operate Simplified Isolated Mode – allowing each site system to continue to operate independently, undisturbed.

Centralised management  

Using IP networking and Panasonic’s My Portal web interface, organisations, even when spread across multiple locations, can perform remote management and programming from a single central site. It’s straightforward, more efficient, and negates the need for an administrator at every site, significantly lowering operational costs.

No-hassle operation 

Panasonic’s PBX technology not only eliminates expensive phone bills and line rental, but delivers innovative call management functions that save valuable time and save on operator costs.

Just a handful of the features offered include:

  • Customer call waiting queues, with estimated waiting times
  • Caller ID
  • Call distribution options 
  • Call recording 
  • Call activity monitoring and report generation
  • Voice messaging
  • Call email notifications


LAN & IP networking 


Simplified maintenance and troubleshooting 

Our systems support easy and secure remote access for installers, integrators and engineers through remote maintenance and KMS servers that exist on a dedicated Panasonic Cloud.

Should a system error occur for example, packet trace data is easily retrievable for analysis, as are operation and IP-PT VoIP-quality logs.

Thanks to Panasonic technology, recovery and maintenance is quick, flexible and efficient. And can be carried out at anytime, from anywhere.

Visual communication capabilities 

Our technologies can be combined to create entire multi-site video and monitoring communication suites, using IP networking.

For example, the KX-NTV series offers sensor and image-capture capabilities that can be configured to email or call notifications.