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Jaszpol invests in a new communication system across it's car dealership network in Poland.

For Jaszpol, a unified communication system means a better consistency across the business and an improved availability for interaction, with customers.


Jaszpol previously operated with a communication system that was made up of technology from various manufacturers.

This meant that the system was not fully integrated which caused problems with every day communication. To improve the situation, the car dealership required the delivery, implementation and maintenance of a modern, global telecom IP PBX platform across all of the company’s outlets.

One of the requirements was making sure that wherever their employees are, they would always be reachable under a single number, being fixed, cordless (on premises) or on the go using RCS. Such a system can help increase customer satisfaction and provide the reporting to prove it.

Toya, the fourth largest cable television provider in Poland, is the provider of digital television, internet and telephone services to 160,000 homes across Poland. In the past three years, Toya has also become active in the business customer segment. This made them the suitable candidate for Jaszpol's communication project.


To improve the business and customer service, Jaszpol needed to centralise incoming calls to the contact centre. By creating a single contact number for the company and eliminating all other numbers, Jaszpol ensured that they receive 100% of calls in one central system. For Jaszpol this increases the chances of gaining and retaining customers.

To increase employee effectiveness, and ensure that employees are able to stay in touch, Jaszpol also required a DECT global telephony system. This means that each employee has an internal number which saves employees and customer's time through optimising the phone call management process.

The combination of the one number solution, integrating fixed, wireless and mobile phones and the ability to control inbound and outbound calls using a software platform, has proved to be a successful, easy to use, solution for Jazpol.  



Toya implemented a Panasonic system, which combines analogue telephones, IP telephones, wireless telephones and Call Centre management software.

A further 90 telephones were implemented within the DECT IP network, which was installed across the three different locations, enabling a one look network and a one number platform for easy accessibility and increased focus on customer satisfaction.

Toya set up the contact centre with operators using the CA PRO application, to support the call centre and contact centre agents. The call centre also has incoming call waiting lines, a unified messaging service and a voicemail to email service, which further enhances the customer experience. The new system has enabled sustainable and reliable connectivity across the site.

Mr. Przemysław Kaźmierczak, Managing Director of Jaszpol Sp. z o.o., said, "It's great to see how the system has helped communication at Jaszpol. Having an integrated system makes a big difference to how a team operates and helps dramatically improve customer service."