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business tools

  • Save time – scan anything from ID cards and passports to longer technical papers
  • Increase productivity – achieve more in less time, thanks to high-speed scanning and quick operation system
  • Reduce effort – software selects the best scan with no need for rescanning and status can be checked remotely
  • Cut costs – budget-friendly pricing delivers affordable quality

If you're looking for the ideal scanning tool for your business, Panasonic has just what you need. From the higher-speed capabilities of our KV-S1027C and KV-S1057C A4 scanners, to the large-format performance of our A3 models, we have a solution for all your requirements.


What makes us different?

Our scanners are designed and developed to meet the specific challenges businesses are looking for when choosing a scanner, delivering the quality you need at a price that might surprise you.


A4 performance that outdoes the competition

KV-S1057C/KV-S1027C A4 scanners

  • 65ppm/130ipm (KV-S1057C)
  • 45ppm/90ipm (KV-S1027C)
  • A4 portrait, 200dpi, binary and colour
  • ADF capacity of 100 sheets (@80g/m2)
  • Multiple ID card and passport scanning
  • Long paper scanning (EKG and monitoring systems)
  • Barcode recognition
  • Remote maintenance
  • USB 3.0


Innovation in an A3 format


KV-S5076H/KV-S5046H A3 scanners

  • Innovative paper-feed mechanism
  • Superior roller mechanisms 
  • Stapled document detection
  • Mechanical de-skew
  • 100ppm/200ipm (KV-S5076H)
  • 80 ppm/160ipm (KV-S5046H)
  • A4, landscape, 200dpi, binary and colour
  • Mixed document feeding and long paper mode
  • Self-cleaning functions
  • Ionizer
  • Scanning glass cleaning brush
  • Smooth background
  • Automatic image orientation
  • Barcode recognition
  • Remote maintenance


Where our scanners are delivering value

The accuracy, speed and flexibility – along with their easy management and maintenance – make them particularly valuable in a number of different sectors. 

In healthcare, for example, their ability to scan long papers, official insurance documents and medical scripts mean they’re a versatile and valuable addition to the workplace. Equally, in the logistics sector, their scanning quality means delivery notes can be reproduced clearly and easily, while protection against dust means they’re ready to withstand the rougher side of daily work.


To find out how our scanners could help your business – or for more details on our product line up, contact us today.