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The Priessnitz Medical Spa, in Jesenik, is surrounded by the unspoilt nature of the Rychlebske Mountains and Hruby Jesenik in the northern part of the Olomouc region.


The Priessnitz Medical Spa, in Jesenik, is surrounded by the unspoilt nature of the Rychlebske Mountains and Hruby Jesenik in the northern part of the Olomouc region.

Its name reflects that of its founder, Vincenz Priessnitz and it is the very first hydrotherapy centre in the world.

The secret of health, which kings and dukes sought to improve here, can be found in the mountain spring water, places strong in energy and clean air enriched with rarely occurring biogenic elements. The unique climate has a positive effect especially on respiratory and thyroid diseases and mental disorders. A world rarity of the Spa is the Vincenz Priessnitz Balneological Park, a special "water garden", where you can wade through streams or try the Priessnitz benches and Scotch hoses.

The Spa consists of a complex of 10 buildings providing accommodation and spa services.

Why did they need a new communication system?


The original telecommunications system used in the Spa was more than 20 years old. It was expensive to service and maintain, its failure rate was at a high level and finding spare parts was rather complicated due to the old equipment. The Spa lacked modern features such as IP technology, a linked communication and information system, call centre functions and others that the old telephone exchange was not able to provide.

The Spa management called for a communication system offering the three further functionalities. The first wish was the possibility to use the existing and so far fully working analogue infrastructure of the Spa, exemplified by a number of PBX telephones in hotel rooms. Due to the site’s extensiveness, another requirement for the new system was, the possibility to integrate IP technology and its easy extension in the future, according to the current needs of the Spa. In addition, the Company wanted to integrate the communications and spa information system, in order to streamline communication operations and attend to client calls in a professional manner.

The Priessnitz Medical Spa chose STAND CZ as a supplier of the new communications system, which offered a quality telecommunications system based on Panasonic technology. In addition, as part of a comprehensive solution, enabling the Spa to use the link between the telephone exchange and information system to increase future revenue through advanced marketing and business communication with clients.

New Communications Solution

The new communications solution is based on the Panasonic NS1000 system, which has been expanded to include KX-TDA100D gateways to cover the requirement for analogue ports.

The system includes 672 standard analogue telephones and 50 digital devices with more advanced functions for managers and receptionists. Remote sites have been fitted with IP telephones, integrated into the communications system via the Internet. Mobile telephones of staff moving in the field are integrated into the system as well, so that they can use telephone exchange features such as call forwarding, etc. The solution also includes communications software to integrate voice and data, ANTS CTI. Thus, the staff can use the option of recording calls and other advanced functions for contact centres and call centres.  

The system can be easily extended to 1,000 branches in the future.

In addition, the advantage of the new system lies in its easy management through a web interface.

The head of the department, for Informatics, appreciated the quick and seamless switchover from the old system to the new Panasonic system. The new solution covers all current requirements and, at the same time, is ready for future extension and the implementation of modern technologies.

  • Keeping the necessary analogue branches
  • Integration of IP telephones in remote and less accessible sites
  • Possibility of easily expanding the system in future
  • Progressive migration to IP
  • Integration of mobile telephones of staff in the field
  • Digital telephones with advanced functions for demanding users
  • Easy management of the system via the web interface
  • Call recording function
  • CTI functions

Garant service contract and remote management

Furthermore, STAND CZ provides faultless operation of the new system for the Priessnitz Medical Spa. Within the Garant service, the client can rely on a guaranteed response time in case of communication system failures; deposited spare parts are a part of the service contract – these parts are available for immediate replacement, if necessary, including prepared scenarios for system recovery in case of a disaster.

Another advantage of the new system is its remote management. The STAND CZ service centre can perform the required changes in settings and monitor the functioning of the system remotely, via the Internet, so any error messages can be responded to immediately.

Software Integration

Now, the linked telecommunications system and information system makes communication with clients in the Spa easier and more efficient. The Spa Contact Centre uses the Lauryn application to register guests, documents about their diagnoses, treatment, health insurance company, accommodation booking, etc. The new communications solution links the Lauryn system and the ANTS CTI application. Thus, when receiving an incoming call, the relevant guest card is opened on the operator’s monitor (based on the CLIP), where all the required information about the caller is available: his/her name, telephone number, treatment history, etc. Thanks to this, incoming calls are handled efficiently and professionally in the Spa.

Call Recording 

Thanks to the ANTS CTI software, the staff can record calls with clients and then use the recordings in order to re-listen to the interview and verify the necessary information, such as the contact information, email address, information in a foreign language, etc.

Hotel Functions

Integrating the telecommunications system and the information system is also helpful when organizing accommodation. Given that each room is equipped with a telephone terminal, the staff can enter updated information about the status of cleaning services in individual rooms into the system through this device. When a chambermaid starts to clean a given room, she enters a numerical code on the telephone terminal to pass on information that room cleaning is in progress.

After finishing her work, she changes the status for a given room that is has been cleaned in a similar way. Therefore, the reception staff is immediately aware that a new client can be accommodated in that particular room.

Option of expansion to include CRM Functions

The system is ready for the planned integration of CRM functions to support business and client care. The link between the specialised spa information system and the communications system and the ANTS Fusio company agenda management system can be used as a tool to plan marketing and sales campaigns. For example, suitable clients can be selected from a database to be approached by the call centre with a survey on satisfaction with the Spa services and with an offer or reminder of the possibility of a further stay.

While previously the Spa used the services of an external call centre, it can now operate its own call centre and communicate with its clients itself.