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Enhancing customers experience by making signed documents available digitally

A quality service that requires increasingly demanding processes

Chronopost services reliably and professionally cover a range of requirements, including deliveries both early morning or during the day, and deliveries to the door or to collection points. The Chronopost promise is that the right person will receive the right package within the time agreed, which makes acknowledgement of receipt of a package a key factor.

In order to quickly issue proof of delivery, Chronopost requires access to the receivers digital signature on D+1 and at the same time needs to be able to check the drivers round sheets. Furthermore, the documents need to be of high quality to ensure that they can be read, printed and archived in paper form according to local regulations.

To accelerate this process and meet these requirements, the Chronopost Project Innovation & Information Systems Department (DIPSI) decided to upgrade its scanning equipment with more advanced tools. Chronopost has been using Panasonic hardware since 2008 and now needs to use ultra-rapid scanners to keep pace with the rate of digitisation. Chronopost has chosen two Panasonic models: the A3 KV-S5055C scanner for high-traffic branches and the A4 KV-S1057C scanner for all other sites. 26 KV-S5055C scanners have already been installed and a further 120 KV-S1057C scanners will soon be delivered to a range of sites.

A solution designed to increase productivity

The KV-S1057C is able to simultaneously handle numerous documents of various thicknesses and sizes with ultrafast duplex scanning capacity: up to 65 pages per minute.  The automatic document loader has a paper feed mechanism, that eliminates loading and skewing problems, relating to the originals to be scanned, with a capacity of 100 pages. Its compact format also enables it to be installed in small spaces. The KV-S5055C is an A3 scanner that can scan 90 pages per minute and has numerous functions enabling significant productivity gains.

With the help of SPIGRAPH, a specialist in dematerialisation, and SCC, both of which are Panasonic partners, Chronopost has procured a complete hardware and service solution. "The package provides a good price to quality ratio, including the maintenance contract," explains Michel Achain, Assistant Head of Projects in the DIPSI.

The ultimate objective is to quickly scan the receipt, enabling the rapid transmission of proof while guaranteeing its accessibility.

"The process of scanning, checking rounds, proof of scanning by operators and integration into the document management system (DMS) system works very well. It is important that this process is not interrupted, because this is very costly in terms of productivity. Previously, if the system broke down it was difficult to manage. Nowadays, thanks to the maintenance contract set up, the system is reliable and efficient. The maintenance contract has provided real added value to the service that we provide,"  adds Michel Duserre, who is in charge of developing mobility applications for drivers within DIPSI.

Expectations met

On average, Chronopost runs 4,700 rounds every day with the total volume of around 45,000 pages scanned. During periods of peak activity (such as in November and December), the number of daily rounds increases to 8,000 and the scanning volume to 60,000 pages. Speed of execution is therefore essential. Another important criteria is the legibility and clarity of the scan, to enable high quality printing and to avoid the operator having to reject the document, which results in chain checks and inspections.

"We are satisfied with this hardware, which meets our productivity criteria and our speed and legibility requirements, enabling us to deliver an uninterrupted service that satisfies our clients' expectations," added Michael Achain.