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Reprofit is the largest clinic of reproduction medicine in the Czech Republic. It was founded in 2006 and thanks to its results has become one of the most attended and successful centres in the Czech Republic as well as Europe. To help infertile couples to conceive a healthy child, physicians at the clinic recommend the most suitable methods of assisted reproduction without any unnecessary financial or time burden. Several dozen specialists from all of the world cooperate with Reprofit, which leads to the preparation and treatment of patients being more efficient.

“The close link between our central exchange and our information systems has helped us most. Thanks to it, we have a complete overview of who has called and who is calling right now. As a result, we can see in our patient database when the patient called us and we called them, including missed calls. For inbound calls, our workers can display the name of the patient calling and open their medical records before they pick up the receiver.”

Mgr. Vít Hubinka, Quality Manager at the Reprofit Clinic

Client – Reprofit International
Location – Hlinky 48/122 603 00 Brno Czech Republic
Products Supplied – KX-NS1000, KX-NS1000

Satisfying any clients’ needs and requirements, be it the care of physicians, or administrative staff


Interconnection of the communication and information systems to support the effort of all clinic staff to provide the maximum possible service to our patients

How does the new communication system help here?

A Panasonic KX-NS1000 branch telephone exchange has been installed at the clinic together with a system of IP telephones which enables two remote locations in Brno and Ostrava to be connected. Desk phones of coordinators are equipped with Bluetooth headsets to free up their hands. The telephone exchange has a GSM module for sending SMS messages and a call recording function. The whole system is supplemented with ANTS CTI software, which provides a connection between the telephone system and the information system of the clinic. The solution provides advanced communication with patients as well as between employees of the clinic.

Main advantages of the new communication system:

Interconnection of the communication and information system

The work of coordinators has been facilitated thanks to the interconnection of the telephone exchange with the information system at Reprofit. Every patient has their own personal coordinator at the clinic who accompanies them throughout their treatment. Coordinators now have a patient’s card available during telephone communication with clients, providing all the necessary information. As soon as the call comes through, their PC display shows an information window with the name of the calling patient and information on the client called the clinic last time and who they spoke to. The information window also shows all previously recorded notes and other necessary details. Coordinators can also easily open the patient’s complete medical records. Communication with calling clients can thus be conducted at a professional and efficient level.

Automatic sending of SMS notifications to patients

The telephone exchange also contains a GSM module which enables automatic sending of SMS notifications in connection with statuses recorded in the information system for individual clients. Patients may therefore be sent, e.g., SMS reminders of when they have an appointment to see the doctor. “With the new solution we could introduce a system of automatic reminders of appointments dates at a physician for our patients by means of SMS”, Mgr. Vít Hubinka, Quality Manager, says.

Call Recording

The telephone system also enables call recording. Employees at the clinic commonly communicate with specialists and patients from all of the world in several languages. They therefore appreciate the possibility to record and replay phone calls and to verify the times and dates specified in calls.

Integration of more locations into a uniform communication system

Thanks to the IP technology, the workplaces in Brno and Ostrava have been interconnected to a uniform communication system. A Panasonic KX-NS1000 branch telephone exchange is installed at the central office in Brno, which is connected with the branch office in Ostrava by means of IP phones situated at that location. The uniform system enables the IT manager to carry out centralised administration. The employees may exchange calls free of charge between the locations and switch over or forward calls freely across the locations and necessary workers.