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Between Rhine and Winemountains, away from traffic and yet centrally located Weierbach has secured a real guest service friendly communication solution. On the spot connectivity in every situation.

Having all communications in one complete packaged solution, including in-room and personal alarms, provides the flexibility required to deliver best-in-class guest services.

Claudia Weber, Head of administration

Client – Weierbach Alterszentrum
Location – Eglisau (Swiss)

When upgrading the buildings and guest services, it was necessary to also implement a smooth and secure communication system that works in every situation.


The implementation of one comprehensive communication solution that is integrated in every apartment, along with in-room cordless telephones.

About Weierbach

In 1990, the Weierbach retirement center was built in a quiet location, above the Rhine, away from traffic and yet central for encounters. Here they take care of 58 elderly in need of some extra care in the 2nd phase of their life. Making this an exceptional experience over the past two years the building has been thoroughly renovated and so also the communication equipment was taken care off.

About Nägele-Capaul

Nägele-Capaul has been a leading company in Eastern Switzerland since 1981. They design and install tailor-made communication solutions for a demanding clientele. Having first-class service and independence from suppliers at heart, they ensure that investments are sustainable and protected for the long term. 

Reforming and rebuilding a retirement home is not done easily. It's simply impossible to not supply daily care, if this is your core competence and promise to your guests and employees. "When looking at the previous, very diverse, type of communication equipment we knew we had to get some specialists on board", says Alex Schweizer, Head of Technical Service | Alterszentrum Weierbach.

"The previous system was no longer supported and our alarm system was high in maintenance. Therefore, we knew we had to integrate a better system if we wanted to prepare for the future and increase the care of our guests", mentioned Alex Schweizer.

After consulting with the specialists at Nägele-Capaul, it was clear to Weierbach that the proposed solution would take some effort, but that the retirement center would be up to date. By integrating the Patient system from GETS and the Alarm server from Novalink with the communication solutions from Panasonic (analogue extensions on the rooms, IP terminals in the offices and a full coverage cordless solution combining legacy technology and IP technology into one for all the buildings) a total communication solution was created to support all wishes from the retirement home.

"A big benefit is that our new equipment is very easy to use", says Alex Schweizer. "Also the alarm calls are made visual on the screen, so we know what's happening in our home."


With Nägele-Capaul 24 hours/7 days a week service concept, it allows our employees to do what they do best, which is caring for the elderly in need.

"Nägele-Capaul fully convinced us in the tender and in the implementation that they were indeed the best solution for Weierbach. They were able to provide us with several references and meet the timeline of the overall project. We are very satisfied with the implemented solution, mentioned Alex Schweizer, Head of Technical Service.

Looking at the total cost of ownership compared with our previous and very diverse system, we can say that it is for sure a big benefit having the entire communication system through one supplier. The service has improved and the cost has reduced, so a "Win-Win" situation, says Alex Schweizer.