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Panasonic Business partners with Content Guru to deliver market-leading Cloud PBX, UC and Contact Centre services.

With the storm platform already available in the cloud and optimised for hierarchical service delivery, a Panasonic partition was rapidly configured and the partnership quickly made live.

Alexander Smith - Senior Marketing Executive at Content Guru Limited

Client – Content Guru Limited
Location – Bracknell

To find a provider that could combine a well-structured cloud platform and breadth of solutions with Panasonic’s existing hardware and reduce the time-to-revenue across its reseller base.


To set up a business partner between Panasonic Business and Content Guru (CG) in order improve the communication solutions portfolio.

Content Guru and Panasonic Business

Content Guru (CG) is part of the Redwood Technologies Group, which has had a strong working relationship with Panasonic since 1999. With trailblazing and proven cloud-based PBX, Unified Communications (UC) and contact centre capabilities already live on the Content Guru storm platform, Panasonic Business was able to quickly incorporate these solutions into its solutions portfolio.

Expanding solutions

While innovative Research & Development department continues to pursue cloud solutions, Panasonic also looks to work with partners experienced in the successful delivery of cloud communication services. To fulfil its cloud PBX and contact centre ambitions, it needed to work with a provider which could combine a well-structured cloud platform and breadth of solutions with Panasonic’s existing hardware.

Furthermore, although Panasonic Business maintained a strong distribution network across the UK and Ireland, the deployment cycle for on-premises equipment could be lengthy. To meet its expansion targets, the company needed to reduce the time-to-revenue across its reseller base, creating a scalable model for growth.

Panasonic required a best-in-class cloud PBX which could be quickly deployed to match the industry-leading standards of its on-premises range of PBX and business telephony products.

The partnership

The service provides a uniquely compelling end-to-end package for resellers. All interactions are treated by feature-rich storm technology and handled by users and agents on Panasonic’s latest HDV series SIP handsets and TGP600 SIP Dect solutions, delivering best-in-breed capabilities across every element of the service.

The intuitive Provisioning Portal™, which combines comprehensive partner management, order processing, onboarding and billing in a single web interface, enables resellers to rapidly deploy services for end-customers. This significantly reduces the time-to-revenue for solution delivery and provides Panasonic with a scalable framework to quickly increase market share.

Furthermore, white-labelled storm portals promote the storm in Partnership with Panasonic brand across all services, converging two internationally prevalent identities. The resilient cloud model of storm and continual R&D drive by Content Guru ensures these services remain ahead of the curve, providing a strategic roadmap for continual service optimisation in the future.

How does it work?

Top-level distributors use an intuitive web-based portal to manage all storm in Partnership with Panasonic orders, leveraging a single interface for end-to-end service delivery. Distributors generate automated billing over all services.

Further, resellers purchase services from distributors using the same Provisioning Portal, customising and delivering orders for end-customers. Resellers are able to purchase any services from distributors as required and can fully self-manage with integrated billing capabilities.

End-customers use Panasonic handsets to access communication services, and benefit from a range of leading-edge cloud services, from PBX and Contact Centre capabilities for agents through to real-time & historical reporting and Service Creation.


Through the intuitive cloud-based Provisioning Portal, distributors and resellers can quickly design, implement and bill orders, increasing efficiency and slashing delivery times.