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Bouwcentre Concordia selected the Panasonic KX-NSX1000 platform to successfully improve communication across its expanding number of branches.

With the KX-NSX1000 platform from Panasonic, we now have a seamless and future-proofed telephony environment with many useful functionalities.

Ronald Hoefman- director of Bouwcenter Concordia.

Client – Bouwcenter Concordia
Products Supplied – KX-NSX1000

To create an integrated and sophisticated communication system across all Bowcentre Concordia sites to achieve the best possible customer experience.


The installation of the KX-NSX1000 platform to ensure communication was not interrupted during the expansion of Concordia.

Bouwcenter Concordia is a supplier of wood and building materials for both private and professional clients. Their main office is located in Meppel in the east of the Netherlands. After a recent takeover of three suppliers of building materials in Dronten, Elburg and Urk, they have expanded to a total of twelve branches. This expansion resulted in the need for increased capacity of their communication platform. RSE telecom & ICT delivered a suitable solution to the problem, together with Panasonic.

"Until 2015 all of our branches had their own telephony environment, with different brands of telephone exchanges, diverse systems and infrastructure," says Ronald Hoefman, director of Bouwcenter Concordia. “This not only caused high costs but it was also inefficient. We therefore wanted one communication platform which would connect all of our branches.

Together with RSE telecom & ICT, we carefully researched the advantages and disadvantages of a few suppliers before opting for Panasonic's KX-NS1000 platform, across our various sites. This telephony platform integrated very well, but due to the expansion we encountered a number of different problems. For example, we were faced with the choice, to either expand our existing KX-NS1000 main unit or invest in the new KX-NSX1000 telephony platform from Panasonic," explains Ronald Hoefman. “The latter was ultimately chosen, with RSE, Vodafone and Panasonic all providing a suitable offer. In exchange, we made a concession by extending our two-year contract to five years."

"The telephony platform KX-NSX1000 is equipped with all desired contemporary functionalities"


All existing lines, contracts, exchanges and devices were replaced by the latest Panasonic communcation server. "As part of the new solution, Panasonic supplied two KX-NSX1000 units. One at the headquarters in Meppel and an identical, ‘extra’, fully redundant version in Hoogeveen, " explains Johan De Vries, spokesman for RSE telecom & ICT.

"This guarantees a total backup, as should the telephony environment in Meppel fail unexpectedly due to a technical malfunction network outage or power failure, then the unit in Hoogeveen will take over seamlessly. The customer will not notice this at all. The system, coupled with a special circuit in the Vodafone network of Concordia, ensures the accessibility of the company is guaranteed,” assures Johan De Vries, spokesman for RSE telecom & ICT.

"We are extremely satisfied with the result"

Furthermore, the KX-NSX1000 Communication Platform has all the desired mandatory functionalities such as free internal calls (also between the branches), simple transfer and an overview of presence and availability. The latter is very useful since the employees of Concordia each have their specialism. Calling a customer with a specific question about, drywall or bricks for example, means he or she can be directly connected with the right employee.

"Panasonic partners with the 'Go Connect' software. With the help of this software, the Concordia employee sees a green or red light on his screen behind each name. He knows immediately whether the colleague in question can be reached by telephone at that moment and the customer gets the right employee on the line to answer his question.

Expansion capacity

Due to the volume of trade, all Bouwcenter Concordia branches are very large in surface area. Employees move around the shop floor all day long, making accessibility between colleagues and customers of great importance. Everyone has their own portable telephone which is accessible via DECT antennas.

"Doubling the capacity was an option, but Panasonic has developed the KX-NSX1000 platform with various additional options that better match the needs of Concordia,” explains De Vries. “The new Panasonic platform offers space for as many as a thousand users and currently 'only' three hundred are used. The number of available DECT antennas has also been considerably increased, meaning that capacity for Concordia is future-proof.

If we had opted for capacity expansion of the old platform, all wireless devices would fail in the event of a power failure. With the KX-NSX platform both fixed office machines and wireless devices remain operational, an important consideration for Concordia. In addition, the new platform uses only one internal telephone number plan, which is of course much more user-friendly! " says De Vries.

Tailor-made solution for Urk location

"The expansion into a new location in Urk brought with it an additional challenge. Where Concordia’s other branches have a choice of copper, coax or glass fiber, there was only fiber optic at this business park,

“Using this network would mean a considerable extra cost for this relatively small Concordia site. That is why, in consultation with our regular partner Vodafone, we offered Concordia a customised solution; a reduced rate due to the combination of the subscription with the other branches including an upgrade of IP VPN 4G. In addition, we previously recommended the Vodafone Managed Network solution to Concordia so that all sites can work together in one environment for both data and telephony (VoIP). " comments De Vries. 

An extremely satisfied customer

"With the KX-NSX1000 platform from Panasonic, we now have a problem-free and future-proof telephony environment with many useful functionalities," concludes Hoefmans. "The new telephony system increases our productivity and results in higher customer satisfaction, we are therefore extremely satisfied with the result. "

About Bouwcenter Concordia

Bouwcenter Concordia, founded in 1906, is a supplier of wood and building materials. The company has offices in Meppel, Hoogeveen, Dedemsvaart, Dieverbrug, Steenwijk, Heerenveen, Roden, Genemuiden, Urk, Dronten, Elburg and Grijpskerk and consists of around 300 employees.

About RSE Telecom

RSE Telecom, founded in 1989 is a total communication supplier for small, medium and large enterprises.  Offering installation, delivery, maintenance, management and repair services, they currently have three branches across the Netherlands.