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Building the vision of the Autonomous Factory


In this second article on the vision for the autonomous factory, Nils Heininger, Head of Panasonic Smart Factory Solutions at Panasonic Connect Europe, outlines how Panasonic is bringing together the necessary building blocks for manufacturers to achieve their goals.

From a smart factory perspective the recent name change of Panasonic’s business-to-business organisation to Panasonic Connect Europe could not have been more appropriate. To achieve the future vision of the autonomous factory – as outlined in my first article – for a totally integrated supply chain with lights-out production and ultimately zero human operators, the challenge is connectivity.

How do we connect and automate each individual element of the production process, from the intake of components, through manufacturing to the products ultimate destination? This is not a puzzle that can be easily solved. There are many different elements that need to be automated and connected – requiring a combination of many technologies, from hardware, and networked cloud infrastructure to software, all combined with integration and manufacturing expertise.


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