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Bosworth Academy upgrades phone systems with Panasonic and MPS Communications.

A modern solution

The system was still going strong for the Academy, however they needed a communication solution that could offer IP connectivity and could link the computer network with the phones. MPS communication integrators were approached to specify a suitable solution, with the challenge set to meet the school’s set budget.

“It was clear that Panasonic would provide the best solution for the school” said MPS Account Manager, Brett Humphreys. “We were able to provide a full Panasonic IP solution to meet the customer’s budget including a number of apps to help manage the volume of calls internally and externally; saving staff a lot of time and hassle.”

Applications for education

The new system features an automated teacher messaging function where the receptionist just has to press a button to record calls into a teacher’s mailbox.  The teacher then just listens to the message through any phone in the school or via their PC, tablet or smartphone device.

An audio information board allows parents to dial into the school at any time of the day or night to access useful information such as adverse weather warnings, school closures, school trip notices, exam results and more. Staff can access the system remotely which is particularly useful when there is a need to activate the school closure message in the event of heavy snow fall.

Absence reporting has also been made easier for both parents and teachers. Messages are delivered to the relevant absence officer via their Panasonic phone, PC, tablet or smartphone. The system can provide an automated interview when parents call in, ensuring all the relevant details are collected.


The system also benefits from a call recording function which the school can use when dealing with challenging students or parents. Voice over Wifi allows teachers to keep in touch using their tablets with CA mobile.

The school also needed to make broadcast announcements, so paging through IP phones was a great benefit, especially with the ability to set-up paging zones. All phones throughout the school have an emergency button that instantly communicates to specified phones using the paging speakers to enable hands free communication between all parties.

Bosworth Academy Network Manager, Peter Johnson said, “The new system has helped our staff save huge amounts of time and really helps manage the volume of calls we process at peak times. We’re very happy that Panasonic and MPS have once again exceeded our expectations.

“My role has increased a little as I can do so much more myself on the new telephone system but the total cost to the school has been reduced. The solution from MPS offers massive ongoing savings. I would definitely recommend MPS to other schools.”

Moving to SIP

Bosworth Academy has also been able to lower costs by replacing ISDN with SIP trunks delivered over an Ethernet Circuit. A SIP based system also benefits the school, if expansion of lines or users is required, as no engineer resource is required on-site.