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AMB Ford dealership in Prague invests in improving communication for employees and customers


Such a big team across a variety of departments required a new communications solution. Due to the nature of the business the company needed employees to have the ability to move between different workplaces whilst still being able to reach their customers and the in-house phone network.

The company previously had its own analogue exchange which was no longer able to meet its requirements. After discussions with Panasonic partner T-Mobile, the dealership discovered that the most cost effective solution was to transition to a Panasonic virtual telephone exchange, with interconnected wireless DECT phones.


When quality is critical and cost reduction a key consideration, Panasonic’s Smart IP wireless phone systems are the ideal business communication tool. Easy to install and delivering the flexibility and reliability that are the hallmarks of Panasonic SIP technology, they represent complete mobility solutions at a very reasonable price.

With the new system employees are able to reach the in-house phone line at any time, giving them the ability to serve their customers with no delays.

Transitioning to a virtual telephone exchange and IP phones has meant that incoming calls are easily connected from any IP phone. For example, an IP phone at a reception desk means that phone calls can initially be taken in a less noisy environment.

Once transferred, phones can be answered in hands free mode so that employees can continue working whilst taking calls. In louder environments the phones can be set to vibrate rather than to ring, where they would potentially not be heard.

"This solution lets us satisfy the needs of our customers flexibly"

A voice VPN between branches also means that employees can call within the company at no charge.

The system covers the entire work area. This allows employees to move freely between base stations whilst on the phone, including outdoor areas such as the external showroom. This has created an environment where all employees are available throughout the premises, meaning that customers are able to speak to service technicians or sales representatives at any time.

The cost-effective system has meant huge savings in updating and operating the telephone exchange. The company's phonebook is now stored in the exchange and updated via a PC.

Michal Suk, Executive Director at AMB Praha, said, "What we appreciate the most about the solution provided is the maximum comfort it gives our employees. They are now able to make both in-house and outbound calls while moving freely between all our workplaces within the facility. This solution lets us satisfy the needs of our customers flexibly and without delays."