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Warranty for Scanners

At Panasonic we commit to providing reliable, high quality products that are easy to use. In the unlikely event that a product fails, Panasonic offers the best service and support for its customers.


Every Panasonic A4 scanner* is equipped with a 3-year Exchange warranty as standard. This warranty includes a 3 year parts, labour and logistics service for product failure and a replacement unit.



On-Site Warranty is the premium service plan. On-Site service comes as a standard for 1 year for all Panasonic A3 Scanners** and can be extended to 3 years. If a scanner is defective a technician is dispatched onsite Monday-Friday 09:00 – 17:30 (local time) to initiate repair within 8 hours or the next business day, depending on the time of day the call was made. 



For further information please refer to the respective Terms and Conditions in the table below:


Model Numbers

Warranty Options


Personal Workgroup
KV-S1015, KV-S1026

1 Year Warranty (Standard)

Personal Workgroup
KV-S1027, KV-S1037, KV-S1037X


Desktop Workgroup
KV-S1028Y, KV-S1058Y, KV-N1058X,
KV-SL1056, KV-S1057C, KV-SL1066,
KV-SL3056, KV-SL3066

3 Year Swap Warranty 

KV-S2087, KV-S5055, KV-S5046H, KV-S5058


Low Volume
KV-S5076H, KV-S5078Y, KV-S4065CW,
KV-S7097, KV-S7077


Mid Volume


High Volume

1 Year Onsite Warranty (Standard)
+2 Years Onsite Warranty Extension




In order to activate the warranty, registration on the Panasonic Service Website is required.




* KV-S1015C & KV-S1026C are provided with a 1 year standard warranty / KV-S2087 is provided with a 1 Year On-Site Warranty as standard

** On-Site warranty is also standard for the A4 model KV-S2087