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One of Ireland’s largest motor groups chooses the KX-NS1000 system and reaps the rewards.

Looking to serve eight different locations, Kearys, which represents a number of automotive marques including BMW, Nissan, Hyundai and Renault, turned to Dublin-based voice & IT company Itomic to help design and implement the best solution.

The previous setup used a number of different makes and models of phone systems across the Group’s eight sites, which created major compatibility issues and was a real barrier to the streamlined process for calls desired by management. The goal was to have a system where staff could receive a call at a dedicated call centre serving the eight sites, and then forward it to the relevant person to handle if necessary, all whilst having the capability to monitor the call.

Thanks to a centralised Panasonic KX-NS1000 IP-PBX system the Group now enjoys One-Look Networking functionality, which allows operation of a single NS1000 system in a master-slave fashion even though two or more KX-NS series units are networked. 

One-Look Networking also provides a reliable backup in case of system trouble with the master unit, as an additional unit can be designated as a backup master to continue communication services. In short, it gives peace of mind should any faults occur that the Group’s communication, both internally as well as externally, can continue working smoothly. A Panasonic KX-NS700 was selected as the failover, with a KX-NS1000 serving as the master server.

Continued uptime with the system is also secured with Panasonic’s cloud service, enabling maintenance and service to be carried out remotely, allowing for quick system recovery from a technical support engineer from anywhere.

"Calls are getting to the right people first time and there has been a real improvement in the co-ordination between our eight sites."

This is essential for the Group as their sales, motor technicians and finance staff needed to have constant access to calls and messages even while away from their desks. The KX-NS1000 server has for instance given roaming users the ability to be contacted via DECT and mobile phones improving staff work efficiency.

The NS series of servers also have smart desk functionality, enabling multiple users to share the same device in a smart or hot desk fashion. By using their own personal code staff members can log in and confirm they are ready to receive calls on the handset. In this way the NS series can easily adapt to alternative ways of staff deployment. 

Incoming Call Distribution functionality, meanwhile, allows an incoming call to be directed instantly to multiple users at the same time, supporting the multiple sites at Keary's Group where staff may be in conversation or away from their desks. It means other people from the same team can answer the call, ensuring nothing goes unanswered.

The installation also includes Panasonic’s Integrated Call Centre Software, which allows supervisors to manage and track their calls with the company’s Call Recording Solution, ensuring calls are not missed and are dealt with in line with company procedure. The Solution’s built-in report generating and real time monitoring also supplements staff training and overall helps to improve the Group’s customer service.

Even though the system can support a completely IP-based setup it can also support a combination of time-division multiplexing (giving the ability to route several transmissions simultaneously over a single line) and IP technology, meaning legacy systems can be expanded to perform partial migration according to the available budget, before moving to a full IP system at a later date.

"We can give a far more prompt service to our customers"

Itomic designed and fitted the challenging installation, featuring over 200 extensions as well as a centralised call centre to service the eight sites, with equipment supplied by Panasonic Distributor Electromaster. The company implemented a hybrid solution of both SIP trunks and traditional phone lines, boosting resilience as well as keeping costs under control. The phone system also integrates effectively with the company’s CRM system, creating a log and audio recording of every call that is made.

“The new phone system has allowed our staff to be far more productive – calls are getting to the right people first time and there has been a real improvement in the co-ordination between our eight sites,” said Paul O Halloran at Kearys Group.

“We can give a far more prompt service to our customers, and for team leaders and supervisors, there’s a much clearer way for them to monitor and help improve staff performance because they now have the information to hand. For us as a business it’s been a very worthwhile investment.”