Projection Mapping

Bring architecture to life

Bring buildings to life in vivid colour and with stunning 4K visuals, using the widest range of LCD, 1-Chip and 3-Chip DLP technologies, with easy-to-transport and set-up features and 20,000 hours maintenance-free reliability.

Lighting up Budapest Parliament & Castle with projection mapping using one PT-RQ25 3-CHIP DLP projector and one PT-MZ16 LCD projector with High colour accuracy, 4K input capability, Geometry correction and UST lenses

PT-RQ35 series

PT-RQ25 series

The world's smallest and lightest 4K 20,000 lm 3-Chip DLP™ 

Key Features:

  • Four model 3-Chip DLP series in 20,000/16,000 lm and 4K/WUXGA
  • Detailed 4K resolution with Quad Pixel Drive technology
  • Easy-to-deploy 35 kg body with a size similar to our 1-Chip DLP™ projectors
  • SDM-ready for wide scalability
  • Streamline workflow with NFC and preactivated upgrade kits for Geometry Manager Pro
  • Up to 20,000lm hours maintenance-free operation


  • Rental & Staging
  • Themed Entertainment
  • Location Based Entertainment

PT-MZ16 Series

Designed to reduce the AV managers workload in business and universities

Key Features:

  • Three model 3-LCD laser series ranging from 10.000lm to 16.000lm with WUXGA resolution
  • 4K/60p input signal
  • Silent (38dB - normal) and light construction (22kg) is ideal for lecture theatres and seminar rooms
  • 20.000 hours maintenance-free operation due to dustproof construction and long-lasting eco filter
  • Triple laser drive engine ensures non-stop operation with a failover function
  • Flexible installation with a choice of 8 optional interchangeable lenses from 0.330:1 to 7.40:1
  • Easy setup with Geo Pro software and DIGITAL LINK function


  • Auditorium
  • Corporate
  • Museum