• The way we work is changing with people needing to be able to collaborate and share whether at home, in the office or on the move.                
  • Meeting rooms are being turned into modern collaboration spaces using technology to connect with people wherever they are.                  
  • Whatever device they use - work issue, personal laptop, tablet or phone - people want to be able to instantly connect and share information.                  
  • As a result, technology solutions are being integrated to work seamlessly together, be intuitive to use and cable-free.

Collaboration in the modern workspace

Hybrid Business Meeting
Hybrid meetings have become the new normal but they raise new challenges for effective communications. With some people in the meeting room and others connecting from remote locations, ensuring everyone can be seen and heard clearly and that meetings can be started simply and easily is important to productivity and creativity.
Bring you own device to meetings
With people working more mobile, Bring Your Own Device is a more popular concept than ever before. Offices and meeting spaces need to make sure that their presentation and collaboration systems are able to connect with any type of device quickly and intuitively.
EQ2 and SDM Slots
Professional 4K LCD displays are being used to meet a widening range of needs in conference rooms, classrooms and open spaces such as receptions and shopping malls. They include Intel® Smart Display Module (SDM) capabilities to integrate presentation systems or optional terminal boards, such as 12G-SDI and DIGITAL LINK.