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Solid Shine Next Generation: Full Laser Light Source Projector

Pursuing Professional Performance with Next Generation Technology

Superb Image Quality

A higher perceived brightness

The PT-RZ670 series of laser projectors achieve a brightness of 6.500 ANSI lumen (based on the ANSI Standard - American National Standards Institute – the brightest white a projector can produce). When comparing the new generation laser projector with a conventional 7.000 ANSI lumen 1-Chip DLP projector in relation to colour reproduction brightness, the Panasonic  laser projector reproduces more colour brightness than the conventional projector.

The reason for this is that the conventional 1-Chip DLP projector reproduces colours with a colour wheel which can consist of various coloured or white segments. The laser projector however does not have a colour wheel but a laser light source which in combination with a phosphor wheel and reproduces the colour segments green, blue, red and yellow. In the individual colour channels the colours can be reproduced more brilliantly and brighter, exceeding  the colour reproduction of a conventional 7.000 ANSI lumen  1-Chip DLP Projector.

The PT-RZ670 Series projectors are therefore suited to applications that require a higher brightness.

A remarkable contrast ratio

The PT-RZ670 Series projectors directly control the output of the laser light source itself, enabling faster response than lamp-based projectors. Frame-by-frame scene-linking modulation with complete digital control makes it possible to adjust the light output with higher precision. This gives the PT-RZ670 Series its remarkable 10,000:1* contrast without lowering brightness.

This enables highly precise contrast control even when bright and dark scenes suddenly or frequently interchange. There is almost no reduction in contrast when the projector is used for extended periods of time.

* With DYNAMIC CONTRAST mode set to 3.


Low Power Consumption

Conventional projector lamps run at 100% of their power requirement, which means producing 100% of the brightness, regardless of the brightness of the image they are projecting.  For darker contents additional technology reduces the amount of light projected to the screen by either absorbing the additional brightness within an LCD panel, or reflecting it away from the light path. Both systems produce additional heat which has to be dissipated from the projector. Laser diodes on the other hand are dimmable light sources. They will use 100% power only when full brightness is needed – i.e. a 100% white picture. While the conventional projector will always run at maximum power consumption, the Laser projector consumes power according to the content being projected.

PT-RZ670 power consumption



IEC 62087 is a recognized standard for measuring power consumption of TV’s, displays and video equipment, issued by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). The IEC’s ‘Test Pattern Video’ is an edit of material of differing brightness calculated to replicate typical video output in different territories around the world. This method has been developed to measure the power consumption of devices with content related power consumption capability – like the Panasonic Solid Shine Projectors. Using this test sequence the Panasonic PT-RZ670 / PT-RW630 projectors show an average power consumption of 558W in Standard Mode.


Superb Durability

Just like any technical light source laser diodes reduce in brightness over their lifetime. Conventional lamps decrease in brightness quite quickly and with a regressive shape. The new laser light is much more stable in brightness and just after a short period of usage the laser projector will outperform a conventional projector of the the same initial brightness. Another advantage is the flexibility to adjust the projectors brightness according to the application and extend lifetime even further and minimising the maintenance costs. Certain applications don't always require the full brightness but long running hours can add to maintenance costs. With the PT-RZ670 series the lifetime of the projector can be flexibly extended.

Normal Mode Enables Approx. 20,000 Hours* of Continuous Operation

In NORMAL mode with brightness of 6,500 lm, the PT-RZ670 Series projector requires no maintenance for approximately 20,000 hours.* in ECO mode with brightness of 5,400 lm, the length would be approximately 24,000 hours*.These modes are suitable for frequent but not continuous usage, such as education or signage applications.

* With DYNAMIC CONTRAST mode set to 3.


Constant Brightness Modes for Long-Term Applications for up to 10 Years*

Installation conditions for surveillance applications such as control rooms and simulations do not require the high brightness of 6,500 lm. Lowering the output of the laser light source extends its life span. With this feature in mind, the PT-RZ670 Series has been equipped with operating modes that lengthen the usage time and maintain a constant brightness. For instance, in LONG LIFE 3 mode, it boasts up to 87,600 hours* of continuous operation, i.e., about 10 years of 24/7 projection, while maintaining fixed brightness and picture quality.


* With OPERATING MODE set to LONG LIFE 3, in which mode brightness is lowered to 1,500 lm. Replacement of other parts than the light source may be required in shorter period. 24 hours/day x 365 days/year x 10 years = 87,600 hours.


Maintenance FREE

The PT-RZ670 Series employs newly developed cooling systems for the laser light source and DLP™ chip to suppress temperature rises inside the projector, allowing stable operation up to an ambient temperature of 45°C (113°F).
* The use of these cooling systems also achieves quiet operation of 35 dB, enabling viewers to concentrate on the projected content.
The liquid cooling system directly cools the laser light source modules. It also enables the high brightness of 6,500 lm even in an ambient temperature of up to 45°C (113°F).
* The system is hermetically sealed, so you don't need to replenish the liquid.

This cooling system is an important difference compare to other lamp-free projector systems which are using LCD technology. The LCD panel must be cooled by a direct air-stream. Consequently the product is requiring filters and cleaning. Only the combination of passive cooling (liquid) and sealed optical block makes a true maintenance free concept


Increased projection layout opportunities

Full 360-degree projection

Thanks to the laser light source optical engine projection is possible in any direction vertically and horizontally.

The Laser projectors can be rotated 360 degrees for installation at any angle. Thanks to the flexible projection layout opportunities, various unique and smart applications are possible.

Vertical 360-deg.
Horizontal 360-deg.
Tilting 360-deg. V&H combination

Various Optional Lenses

Variety of lens lineup fits large screen format from short to long distance.

RZ670 series uses the same lenses than all other Panasonic 1-Chip DLP projectors, so you can easily replace a conventional projector by a new laser light source projector without changing the lenses.



*1 Model without Lens
*2 Maintenance hour varies dependent on environment
*3 Available in limited region only
*4 When used in locations from 0 to 4,200m above sea level in NORMAL mode, and from 0 to 2,700m in other modes.