Will Leverage Vislink Technology to Deliver Impressive New and Improved Efficiencies and Services to Rail Operations



A new whitepaper from Panasonic Business has highlighted the requirement for automation friendly buildings as a key requirement to facilitate the growth of robotics and automation in logistics.


The report, What are the challenges for robotics and automation in logistics? looks at how automation will impact the human workforce, analyses the barriers to adopting such technology and asks whether the shift to automation is being tackled in a secure way.


Panasonic Business has created a showcase of its future technology at the Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) in Coventry, with many of the  systems on show in Europe for the first time.

In response to recent market listening activities Panasonic invited over 100 guests, representing some of Europe’s biggest companies, to see first-hand a showcase of almost 50 different innovative technologies.


The innovation priorities that must be addressed in order for the rail industry to meet the needs of future passengers have been identified at a cross industry forum organised by Panasonic.

A report from the event, Delivering Innovation in Rail: The Connected Passenger details the nine priorities, with the number one priority named as ‘the need to improve real time information for passengers’.