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Panasonic Security Solutions go beyond surveillance to provide high quality, cost effective products

Panasonic Security is built on a heritage of providing evidential quality CCTV footage, delivering the highest image quality in all environmental conditions using our highly reliable, advanced technology cameras and image recording systems, developed over the last 50 years. Our continuously expanding range of security products contain a variety of intelligent features, many of which can be seamlessly integrated to create a complete, reliable, and cost effective security system.

Panasonic Security Products

We currently provide a variety of products to cater to a wide range of applications; from a fully integrated security system to single items such as security cameras, access control systems, fire alarms, and video intercom. Thanks to our intelligent technologies, all of these can be effortlessly combined with an existing security system.

High quality video surveillance

We manufacture a wide range of video surveillance products to ensure that your business can be kept secure. The image quality of our security cameras ranges from standard definition through to crisp and clear True 4K (4096x2160 pixels) resolution. Our 4K security cameras have been designed to produce flawless images through a wide angle lens and employ H.264 compression, recording ultra high quality images at a fraction of the usual file size, reducing operational costs. Our two HD bullet cameras use technologies such as auto back focus and smart coding to dramatically reduce installation time and cost of ownership. Our full range of video surveillance products can be found here.

Fire Alarm Solutions

Panasonic has been building fire alarm solutions for over 30 years, suitable for both large and small scale installations. The EBL512 accommodates up to 30,600 devices, which can be connected through 30 control panels with 4 detector loops each, whereas our EBL128 is a smaller, stand alone loop system, which can connect up to 255 devices.  These fire alarm systems guarantee high reliability and the reduction of false alarms due to the implementation of smart Panasonic technology both in the control panels and in the detectors. Innovations in Panasonic technology also allow these products to be integrated with video surveillance products through the WV-ASM200 and WV-ASM970 software solutions.

Access Control

Bravida (Integrated by Panasonic) is an integrated security system platform. Bravida nodes can be combined with Panasonic Fire Alarm and CCTV products and software to create a cohesive, easy to install and comprehensive security system. For more information on our access control products, please click here.

Video Intercom

With a variety of models to choose from, Panasonic Video Intercom systems give you peace of mind by guarding and securing your property. Our premium wireless system gives you full control of the entrances and exits of your property through the use of multiple door stations, electronic locks, monitors, sub monitors and wireless sensor cameras. A smartphone connect model is also available, which gives you the freedom to monitor and control your entire system directly from your smartphone or tablet with our dedicated app. To find out more about our video intercom products, please click here.

Intelligent Technologies

Panasonic technologies such as smart coding and VIQS (Variable image quality on specified area) are designed to reduce operation costs through the reduction of file sizes; Auto back focus and Panasonic's patented hydrophilic coating reduce installation and maintenance time; and our True 4K resolution provides sharp, high quality imagery to ensure that every detail is captured.

Our security networks are smart, going beyond surveillance to provide real-time analytics for operational and marketing data, as well as a host of customer service uses. 

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