• AG-MDR15

    Full HD portable-recorder


Memory Card Portable-Recorder

  • Full HD image recording in AVCHD format
  • Use of affordable SDHC memory cards
  • Remote control of AG-MDC10 camera
  • Add. HD-SDI recording input
  • Start / stop remote control

The recorder utilizes the common AVCHD format to record on affordable SDHC memory cards Up to 12 hours can be recorded on a single SDHC 32GB card. An easy direct random access playback can be done on compatible Blu-ray players, displays and PCs. Content files can be transferred easily to hard disk drives or optical discs. Instead of recording images from the optional AG-MDC10 head the HD-SDI input can be used to make records from an external endoscope or microscope camera.

The AG-MDR15E complies with Medical Electrical Equipment Standards such as EN60601-1 This POVCAM Recorder is an perfect solution for recording of a wide range of surgical procedures. It is also suitable for distance learning and medical training use.