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  • UT-MB5

    The new Windows 8.1 Pro 20" 4K business rugged tablet with NVIDIA® graphics and Electronic Touch Pen*

  • UT-MB5

    The new Windows 8.1 Pro 20" 4K business rugged tablet with NVIDIA® graphics and Electronic Touch Pen*

  • UT-MB5

    The new Windows 8.1 Pro 20" 4K business rugged tablet with NVIDIA® graphics and Electronic Touch Pen*

UT-MB5 – The world’s first Windows 8.1 4K 20” business rugged Tablet

Introducing the World’s First Windows 8.1 Pro 4K 20” Business Rugged Tablet

The TOUGHPAD 4K UT-MB5 is the world’s first 20” tablet boasting 4K resolution display designed for photographers, architects, media, sales and marketing professionals in mind, while the UT-MA6 performance model is also the first of its kind, and ideal for high end applications such as CAD and 3D modelling. With an image quality four times better than Full HD (High Definition), the 4K resolution screen offers a new digital viewing experience, which is perfect for captivating and engaging your audience as you present plans, designs or visuals to colleagues or clients. Equipped with Windows 8.1 Pro and a powerful Intel® processor, these models stand out amongst the Toughpad range since the large screen allows you to display A3 images in amazing detail.

Featuring a super intuitive Electronic Touch Pen and multi-finger touchscreen

The optional Panasonic Electronic Touch Pen is ideal for free hand sketching, handwriting and annotations, enabling the user to draw or write on screen naturally, just as if they were working on paper. The pen uses infrared signals to distinctly read each pixel on screen and features palm rejection, so that the touchscreen is disabled when the Electronic Touch Pen is in use, resulting in pin-point accuracy. The pen can also interpret 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity, ensuring drawing or handwriting is reflected perfectly, even down to the finest detail.

Both models also feature capacitive touchscreen with up to ten finger recognition, which is ideal for interactive applications as well as data entry at speed.

A stylish, robust, lightweight design ideal for business environments

As you would expect in a Toughpad product, both the UT-MB5 and the UT-MA6 offer rugged capabilities which have been designed to withstand the pressures of business environments. Featuring a magnesium alloy frame and a Glass fibre casing, our 4K tablets are resistant to 30cm drops (of 26 angles while non-operational) and 76cm drops to its back (whilst operational) and come with a three year warranty, WiFi and Bluetooth for wireless connectivity. The tempered protective glass is also scratch-resistant and crack resistant. Moreover, as a portable, ‘business rugged’ device, it is surprisingly thin and light – in fact the TOUGHPAD 4K is only 12.5mm thick.

The TOUGHPAD 4K provides an exceptional viewing experience

Not only does our 4K tablets deliver images which are far clearer than standard HD technology, the IPSα LCD display with 15:10 aspect ratio, also features a 176 degree wide viewing angle, which means that it is possible to see the content on screen from all directions; providing the perfect solution for group discussions and customer meetings.  Featuring Wide Colour Space and a brilliant 3840 x 2560 pixel display, the standard model operates on a powerful Windows 8.1 Pro OS, Intel® Core i5 vPro CPU, with NVIDIA® GeForce® graphics and offers the same processing power as a conventional desktop computer.

Standard and performance models available

We’ve created two different TOUGHPAD 4K models which have been designed to benefit different industry professionals. The UT-MB5 Standard Model with 4GB RAM (maximum 8GB) is ideal for marketing, sales and product display applications in show rooms, for medical image viewing and analysis, photo editing, and for cosmetics display.  The UT-MA6 Performance Model on the other hand, features a more powerful spec, with Intel® Core i7 vPro processor and NVIDIA® Quadro® graphics, plus 16GB RAM, which is particularly suited for technical, architectural and engineering applications.

Equipped to innovate and improve working processes

Our 20” 4K tablets offer superior features to smaller tablets and desktop workstations, including increased interactivity and rugged features which ensure that the device is robust. As well as being able to accurately reproduce handwriting and with a large screen for displaying dynamic images viewable from wide angles, the high performance specification ensures presentations run smoothly, and offer excellent portability.

For the automotive, engineering and architectural industries, the TOUGHPAD 4K makes collaboration with colleagues easy thanks to its support of up to 176 degree viewing angle. With clear design simulation and 3D modelling capabilities, new designs require less explanation, whilst direct annotation and the ability to zoom in, helps to simplify working processes.

Choose from a range of accessories designed to optimise performance

We offer a range of accessories for the TOUGHPAD 4K including a stylish carry bag featuring a shock-absorbing design, a desktop two-position cradle providing fast docking, the Panasonic Electronic Touch Pen featuring infrared optical sensing technology and two buttons, plus many other accessories which will help to enhance the user experience of our TOUGHPAD 4K models to ensure optimum performance.

To find out more about our 4K business rugged tablets, simply click on the button below to discuss your particular business requirements.


  • Intel Core i5-3437U vProTM1.9 GHz Processor
  • Windows 8.1 Pro
  • NVIDIA® GeForce® 745M Graphics
  • 4K (3840 X 2560) Ultra high resolution 230ppi and 15:10 aspect ratio
  • 20” IPSα multi touch display with up to 10 finger recognition
  • Panasonic Electronic Touch Pen* is super intuitive with natural hand writing appearance
  • 4 or 8 GB RAM and 256 GB SSD
  • Business rugged tablet at 2.35kg and 12.5mm thickness
  • Built-in USB 3.0 port, SDXC card slot, Headphone Jack and Docking connector
  • Optional cradle with 1x LAN, 1x HDMI and 3x USB 3.0*
  • HD Front camera
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