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The Panasonic range of mobile printers are built to withstand the rigors of outdoor working environments while still being compact enough for a number of versatile uses. The range is particularly suited to customer-orientated situations, such as retail, food and drink, and mobile ticketing areas, where rapid service is a must.

Boasting a number of robust and user-friendly features, our mobile printer range offers the perfect solution for helping to streamline working processes as well as improving the quality of both services and business standards.

With rugged features as standard our mobile printers are designed to be robust

The rugged designs ensure that each model can operate effectively in the field or in fast-paced environments. This reduces the need for ongoing repairs or model replacements and in turn helps to lower the total cost of ownership. In keeping with the Toughbook range, our mobile printers have undergone drop resistance testing and can survive drops from a height of 1 metre or 1.5 metres, depending on the particular model.

Other benefits to the range include high-speed printing to help boost productivity within the workforce and for improving customer service.  Our mobile printers also feature wireless Bluetooth and IrDA connectivity, and are designed to be compact, lightweight and wearable, as a result they can be worn with a belt or with a choice of carrying accessories.

Each model can be configured easily with mobile PC’s, offering greater flexibility

With multiple driver support and software development kits (SDKs) available for Windows CE, Windows Mobile and Windows XP/7 operating systems, it’s extremely easy to configure our printers with a variety of mobile devices as well our range of Toughbook and Toughpad products.

Each model can be used for label and receipt printing as well as for printing clear graphics and logos. The JT-H340PR also comes with our unique Curl Protection System to reduce the annoyance of paper curling up during output, which can look both unprofessional and hinder overall efficiency. For this reason, the JT-H340PR is particularly suited for police officers needing ticket printing, or for field workers and delivery services in need of reliable receipt and label printing.

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