• Toughbook: the lowest TCO in mobile computing.*

    Achieve a return on investment in the first
    year alone

It pays to think long term when it comes to mobile computing

Yes, rugged devices initially cost more than commercial and traditional consumer offerings. 

But the extremely low failure rates and tailored productivity-enhancing features of Toughbook models mean an altogether
lower total cost of ownership (TCO) for your business.

Take the Toughbook TCO test today and find out how
much you could save.

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How it works

To use our speedy and free TCO Calculator above, simply: 

  • Enter the details of your current mobile devices
  • Select how many units you have

The acquisition costs and failure rates will be calculated for you.

You'll be given: 

  • Your own TCO calculation for your industry sector
  • The difference in TCO between your current devices and buying Panasonic – including specific financial costs and savings 



What's the true value of rugged? 

Need more evidence to support your business case for investment
in rugged devices for your workforce?