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HD Video Conferencing Systems Range

The Panasonic HD video Conferencing System makes it possible to instantaneously communicate and collaborate with colleagues and industry experts wherever they happen to be. Featuring full HD 1080i video and 360 audio delivered over a standard broadband connection, our HD Video Conferencing System allows companies to save money by reducing travel and improving productivity.

Each video conference call allows participants the capability of joining, even from different locations. By using a lower bandwidth than traditionally used by other branded systems provides you with a secure connection even in remote locations.   

Our HD Video Conferencing System utilises the expertise of Panasonic within its design, in particular the array of professional displays. A purpose built camera was designed and manufactured for our HD video Conferencing System, in order to provide you with a fully scalable HD image. Other unique image technology features includes our UniPhier, which has been incorporated into the video codex making it possible to display facial expressions and gestures.

The innovative snap shot feature facilitates the ability for people to share video and content with each other simultaneously. This powerful feature provides you with the ability to take your video conferencing to the next level. The multi input options also allows for handheld HD video cameras to sync directly with our HD video Conferencing System, so you can share even more video footage in superb full HD quality.

The circular speaker allows participants seated anywhere in the room to be heard clearly.  

All of these innovative features partnered with a low carbon footprint, make our HD video Conferencing System a smart choice for you and your business.

Panasonic HD Video Conferencing System includes:

High Sound Quality



360 full duplex audio

The circular speaker allows participants seated anywhere in the room to be heard clearly.  




Real-time HD video

1080i resolution provides a crystal clear picture, allowing the smallest of details to be seen.

Second Camera



Sync a second moveable camera

Panasonic HD Video Conferencing Systems bring real-time collaboration to a whole new level, with the capability to sync a second camera to your system. Having the ability to sync a mobile HD camera that can be moved around the room is ideal for exploring an issue on a device with minute details, or medical diagnoses.

Easy Operation



Easy, user-friendly operation

Pre-set dials and a one-touch connection allow time to be spent on discussion, not setting up.

High Image Quality



Crystal-clear image quality

Our unique high-quality image technology, built on the expertise gained during the development of our VIERA and DIGA products, delivers incredibly lifelike images. The digital home electronics platform – Uniphier LSI – also makes it possible to display facial expressions and gestures in clear, full HD as part of the video conferencing experience.


Uniphier (R)

*Uniphier® is a registered trademark of Panasonic Corporation.

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